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Becky Garnett

MPhil (Cantab), BA (Oxon)

DPhil Student

DPhil Project

  • I am a DPhil candidate in the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences under the supervision of  James SheppardRichard McManus, Becky Barnes, John Buckell

  • My doctoral project focuses on investigating patient and informal caregiver attitudes towards healthcare workers  'deprescribing' (stopping or reducing) medication that is considered inappropriate/unnecessary. I will do this using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.

ResearcH Interests

  • My academic interests are wide-ranging, but all share the same core theme - using science to address societal challenges

  • I am particularly interested in the use of qualitative methods in primary health care 


  • I was awarded a Cambridge UK Master's Scholarship (jointly funded by the Cambridge Trust and Corpus Christi College) to complete my Master's in Bioscience Enterprise at Cambridge University

  • Prior to this, I completed a Biological Sciences degree (First Class) at Oxford University 

  • I also have employment experience - I worked as a scientific researcher for Heartfelt Technologies, a cardiac failure medical device company. I was responsible for patient recruitment and conducting patient health assessments

  • I am always looking for new experiences, so please feel free to get in touch

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