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Junior Project Manager

Binitha Paruthickal


ECRAID stands for the European Clinical Research Alliance for Infectious Diseases. An international collaborative effort to build a sustainable high quality clinical research infrastructure across Europe.

The aim is to generate rigorous evidence to improve the management of infectious diseases with an expertise in research preparedness and accelerated response in tackling public health threats including AMR and COVID-19.


We at University of Oxford are responsible for the overall set-up and management of this project and will soon be activating our networks in UK and several other EU countries.

Funded by the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, this perpetual observational study (POS) is designed to provide data on the clinical characterisation and  management of ARI in primary care. It also serves as an overarching research infrastructure with a potential to pivot into randomised controlled trials that can be embedded in the existing POS platform. 


Responsible for managing this project for the UK network. ECRAID-Prime is a European-wide multi-arm platform adaptive trial to drive therapeutics for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and COVID like illness in primary care settings. It's innovative design helps test multiple interventions under a single master protocol.