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Carmen Fierro Martinez

NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Carmen joined the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences in November 2022

as an NIHR pre-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Professor Stavros Petrou and Dr

Catia Nicodemo. She holds a BA in International Relations (cum laude) from the National

Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and an MSc in Health Economics and Decision

Sciences from University College London.


In the past, Carmen has worked at the intersection of academic research and University

administration. She acted as a project manager of a multidisciplinary research network at

the Department of Mathematics (UNAM), conducted research on international and

transnational relations in the field of scientific collaboration (UNAM), and became the

Senior Administrator of a newly built University campus (UNAM).


Carmen has a particular interest in health economic evaluation methods and disease

modelling. As part of her NIHR fellowship, she aims to advance her knowledge in the field of

big data epidemiology and the use of real-world data for health economic evaluations.