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Charlotte Albury


DPhil Student

I’m an SPCR funded D.Phil student under the supervision of Professor Paul Aveyard, Professor Sue Ziebland, Dr Helena Webb and Professor Liz Stokoe.

My research focusses on promoting weight loss in primary care. I am using conversation analysis  to explore audio recorded interactions between patients and GPs during the BWeL trial, and link these to patient weight loss outcomes. I am trained in applied conversation analysis and in the Conversation Analytic Role Play Method.

 I have a background in medical anthropology, and my experience has focused on use of ethnographic and socio-linguistic methodologies to explore patient experiences of health and illness.

Prior to joining the department I worked in teaching, and I currently teach on the qualitative research methods courses for the Heath Experiences Research Group; MSc. in Evidence Based Health Care, and NVivo for medical and social scientists.  I am also course leader for the Heath Experiences Research Group 'Introduction to conversation analysis' short course.


Twitter: @AlburyCharlotte

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