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DPhil Supervision

I am interested in supervising DPhil (PhD) students on projects which focus on communication in clinical settings. Potential project titles are advertised here:

I am also happy for potential students to get in touch to discuss other project ideas. 

Charlotte Albury

BA, MSc, AFHEA, D.Phil

Mildred Blaxter Fellow in Health Behaviours

  • Senior qualitative researcher
  • Fulford JRF, Somerville College

I am a medical anthropologist specialising in qualitative research methods, particularly conversation analysis. I am interested in using qualitative methods to explore how healthcare is delivered in practice, and to inform service improvements.


My research mostly focuses on understanding relationships between clinical communication and behaviour change, including weight loss, smoking cessation, and treatment adherence. I currently hold both a Mildred Blaxter Fellowship, from the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness, and a Fulford JRF at Somerville College to explore communication about weight loss in primary care. 

I am qualitative research lead for the Health behaviours Research Group, and design and lead research using a range of qualitative methods to better understand behaviour change in clinical settings, clinical trial processes, and implementation.

My research has contributed to national guidelines, and I have advised government and policy makers. I am a member of the NICE Adoption and Impact Reference Panel. In 2022 I was the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) Principal Investigator of the Year.

Research Interests  

Behaviour change communication in clinical settings

Conversation analysis

Qualitative methods

Qualitative methods in clinical trials


From 2018-2022 I was course Director for Oxford Qualitative courses, and I currently I teach qualitative methods on a range of courses across the University, as well as offering bespoke training.

  • Course Co-lead: Introduction to NVivo (IT Services, Oxford)
  • Course Lead: Introduction to Qualitative Interviewing (Oxford Qualitative Courses)
  • Tutor: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods  (Oxford Qualitative Courses)
  • Tutor: Introduction to Analysing Qualitative Interviews (Oxford Qualitative Courses)


Key publications

Recent publications

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