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Joy Rahman

MSc., MSc., BSc (Hons)

Senior Clinical Trials Manager


I have extensive trial management experience having worked for more than two decades in academic clinical trial management. I commenced as Research Associate in 2001, onto Data Manager in 2004, to Clinical Trials Co-ordinator in 2010, then Senior Trial Manager in 2015, onto Senior Clinical Trials Manager in 2018, reverting to Trial Manager shortly after, onto Clinical Trials Research Facilitator (New Business and Pre-award Support) in 2020, through to my current role Senior Clinical Trials Manager at Oxford University PC-CTU. I have extensive experience working with health professionals in both the primary and secondary care sector, working across multiple sites, investigating a diverse range of healthcare in the areas of cardiovascular sciences, paediatric rheumatology, cancer research, women’s health, behavioural research, and infectious diseases. I have worked on both CTIMPs and non-CTIMPs, on large Phase III randomised controlled trials as well as on smaller Phase IV and observational trials. I have an extensive array of publications including a publication in the NEJM.