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Julian Hancock


Academic Lead for Undergraduate GP Teaching

  • Assessment Lead for Clinical Medicine & GE Medicine
  • Chair of GMC'S PLAB Exam (Registration exam for International Medical Graduates)

I lead the department's Undergraduate Teaching Group, and am responsible for all aspects of GP teaching that takes place across the six years of the medical undergraduate course at Oxford.

As well as coordinating student teaching, I work with my fellow GP teachers in the 'Core Teaching Group' to ensure all our teaching is relevant - and stimulating - for our students.  The primary care teaching group is responsible for delivery the following undergraduate courses:

Years 1 & 2

    • Patient & Doctor 'I' course (early patient contact)
    • The Medical Stats course for pre-clinical students
Year 3
    • Learning from Patients course - an innovative longitudinal placement were students follow a small lisy of 'their' patients for a  year.
    • Final Honours School projects - one of our targets is to encourage more medical students to take up projects based here in the NDPCHS
Year 4
    • Year 4 'junior' GP placement (at pracitces across the Thames Valley) - takes place at beginning of clinical course
    • Communication Skills course
    • SSTs (Student Selected Teaching) in primary care
    • Teaching sessions based in GP surgeries during students' placements in Oxford's 5 partner hospitals across the Thames Valley
    • EBM course 
Year 5
  • 7-week 'senior' GP placement (our main teaching commitment in the clinical course)
Year 6
  • SSMs (Student Selected Modules) in primary care

I also lead on the development of the content of the various undergraduate modules, as well as the assessments of students during and after these various courses. I am keen to raise the profile of the primary care discipline with our students, and promote primary care as a career option for our graduates. 

After graduating from University of Bristol, and following initial training in paediatrics and anaesthetics, I 'saw the light' and undertook vocational training in general practice in London.  I was a Principal in General Practice in London, and Clinical Lecturer in  Dept of Primary Care at St Georges, University of London (with responsibility for the student GP placements in Year 4). I then moved to Burford Surgery in rural Oxfordshire.  I now work as a GP locum and as the ‘Medical Officer’ at Cheltenham Town FC.

Since 2002 I have held a number of teaching roles in Oxford - initially as a 'teaching fellow' and then as 'medical education fellow' (in charge of student exams). My main educational interest is the fair assessment of students. I am Chair of the GMC's PLAB assessment (this is the exam for International Medical Graduates wanting to gain a license to practise in the UK). At the GMC I also worked on developing the new Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) that, from 2024/25, all UK medical students will have to sit before gaining a license to practise in UK.

I was appointed Academic Lead for Undergraduate teaching here in Oxford in December 2018.