Lisa Hinton

BA (Hons) DPhil

Deputy Director for Applied Research, HERG

  • Senior Qualitative Researcher
  • University Research Lecturer

I am a medical sociologist, and lead applied research in the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG). Improving patient experience is a global priority for health policy makers and care providers. How our research on patient, and staff, experiences and perspectives can make a difference in these areas is at the core of my research interests. 

My work focuses on women's health, in particular experiences of infertility, pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care. I am also involved in several studies seeking to improve patient experiences in critical care.

Before joining HERG in 2007 to start my doctoral studies, I was a TV and web producer, working for the BBC and Channel 4. My DPhil explored the information and support needs of women and men going through infertility. I have completed three modules for the award-winning Healthtalk website - Infertility (published in 2012) and Experiences of life-threatening illnesses in pregnancy and childbirth (published in April 2013) and Parent's experiences of neonatal surgery (published February 2017). Modules on Pre-eclampsia and Late Miscarriage are forthcoming in 2018.

The role of technology in patient self-management and healthcare is another area of interest. I lead the qualitative work in two programmes studying self-monitoring of blood pressure (SMBP). One is studying the impact of SMBP during pregnancy and a second the impact of SMBP after a stroke or TIA (see Hypertension). 

I have a developing interest in studying the potential for patient experiences research in resource poor countries. Initial work, in collaboration with colleagues at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust in Kenya, can be seen here: 

I supervise doctoral students and teach on the HERG Qualitative Research Methods courses and the MSc in Evidence-based Healthcare


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