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Louise Jones


Clinical Trial Manager

I originally trained as a Biochemist, and have been working in healthcare research since 1999. Initially I worked as a research assistant in the Diabetes Trials Unit in Oxford. After completing a DPhil in Immunology, investigating the Varicella Zoster Virus. I moved back into clinical trials.

I joined the Department on 2010 as a Clinical Trial Co-ordinator, initially working on the MAC trial, investigating the use of Montelukast in post-infectious cough in adults, and the CAPS study, looking at the epidemiology of persistent cough in children.

As a Trial Manager i have worked on  many trials such as: EDGE - investigating self-monitoring in people with COPD, MASTERMIND - investigating how people responded to different diabetes medication and their medication adherence, BARACK-D - nvestigating the use of Spironolactone in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and FORM2C - investigating the optimal frequency of testing, and the use of different tests to monitor kidney function. 
I have also been involved in various stages of a number of other trials including, POC HbA1c, CANDID, TasminH4, and StAR-2D. 

 I am currently the Trial and Programme manager for SuMMiT-D - investigating the use of text messages to support people with management of Type 2 Diabetes.

I am a member of the UK Trial Managers Network and for since2015 I have taught clinical trial management for the University of Oxford as a lecturer and facilitator on the Clinical Trials Management module.

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