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Research groups

Lucy Goddard

BSc (Hons), MSc

Research Assistant

I am working as a research assistant in the Health Behaviours team. I am currently working to help design and disseminate a survey to multiple stakeholders, researchers, policy makers and the public which aims to identify the top research priorities in weight management and obesity. Linked to this, I have taken on the role of working with our public engagement panel who we regularly invite to work with our researchers to help us in the design of projects to ensure research quality and relevance.


I am also a registered midwife where my interest in weight, obesity and public health was triggered, as I regularly care for women who have struggled with their weight and are experiencing the complications as a result of poor diets. In order to understand this in the context of the wider society and the biological mechanisms by which they come about, I have completed an MSc in Applied Human Nutrition.


As a research assistant I will be supporting academics to deliver research projects which aim to improve public health through the development of interventions to prevent or treat obesity and disease caused by excess weight.