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Marta Wanat

Senior Qualitative Researcher in Behavioural Science

I am a researcher in the Infectious Diseases Research Group at the University of Oxford. I conduct Mixed methods research aiming to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in primary care. In the recent years, I have been involved in examined patients’ and clinicians’ views and experiences of penicillin allergy testing; and involved reviewing effective interventions to reduce catheter-associated infections. I am currently working on project funded by the European Commission looking at healthcare professionals' and patients' experiences of COVID-19 outbreak. 

Previously, my work has focused on the views of patients with cancer. My PhD explored the experiences of patients with a recurrence of bowel cancer and their partners.  Before my current post, I have worked on a study looking at the barriers and facilitators to implementing an evidence-based depression management programme for cancer patients.

I am passionate about qualitative research, and especially interested in how it can be used in process evaluations as part of clinical trials

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