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  • MSc, DPhil supervisor
  • Fellow of Wolfson College
  • Social Worker

Metabolic psychiatry, Epidemiology, Health Behaviours Intervention

Min Gao is an Epidemiologist and Health Behaviour Scientist with a particular interest in understanding how metabolic disorders are associated with depression through cohort data, electronic health records, and systematic reviews. Based on her observational research evidence, Min is passionate about identifying behaviour intervention opportunities for those high-risk individuals. Min holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, an MD in Social Medicine and Epidemiology, and a PhD in Social Medicine and Health Service Management in 2021.

Min has years of experience in analysing UK Biobank, Qresearch and CPRD datasets and multiple Chinese national cohorts across data science, behavioural science and health policy. Currently, Min is leading epidemiological research to investigate the association between adiposity, weight change, weight loss programs (including drugs, bariatric surgery, and behavioral interventions), and clinical mental illness.

Meanwhile, Min is currently leading a dietary intervention in people with treatment-resistant depression ( ID: NCT06091163) and systematic reviews of pre/probiotics and obesity on depression. Min has conducted three clinical trials in China using Social Support Theory, Behavioural Change Theory, and Digital Tools to help patients with T2DM to manage their weight and health behaviours.

Min welcomes world-wide collaborations in these research areas and accepts requests for co-supervision of Oxford DPhil and MSc students in relevant areas.


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