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Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

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Sarah Brown


Programme & Implementation Manager - NIHR ARC Oxford and Thames Valley

I am part of the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) team for Oxford and Thames Valley. In my role as Programme and Implementation Manager, I work with researchers and clinicians to help improve outcomes for patients and the public by supporting the implementation of ARC research outputs into practice.

I work closely with the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) who are driving the implementation of ARC research outputs both regionally and, where relevant, nationally.

I have 20 years NHS and healthcare experience, working as an Orthoptist, a Care Quality Commission Inspector (Acute hospitals- covering NHS, private hospitals and ambulance services) and most recently as Compliance Governance Manager. I am used to engaging and working with multiple stakeholders to enable completion of projects relating to service improvement focusing on quality, safety and patient outcomes.

Recent achievements include the development and implementation of clinical governance reporting templates to enable consistency of reporting from directorate to sub-board committee level, implementation of a new process to enable monitoring of all the stages of external reviews and completion of internal quality assurance reviews resulting in safer working practices and improved patient outcomes.