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Sasha Lewis-Jackson

BSc (Hons) MSc

Research Assistant

I am interdisciplinary health social scientist with a background in Medical Anthropology and Applied Health research. My research focuses on the use of qualitative methodologies to capture patient narratives to improve patient experiences and address health inequalities. I previously held the Ann McPherson predoctoral fellowship in the Medical Sociology & Health Experiences Group (MS& HERG).

I have a BSC in Anthropology from Bournemouth University and an MSc in Medical Anthropology from University College London (UCL). My masters research used qualitative interviews and a policy review to explore the delivery of rehabilitation care to COVID-19 patients through the theoretical lens of clinical decision-making. I have also previously conducted COVID-19 research on healthcare workers experiences and perspectives of the pandemic with the Rapid Research Appraisal and Evaluation Lab (RREAL) at UCL.

I joined the department in 2021, and have worked on two qualitative COVID-19 studies being conducted within MS&HERG.  

I currently work as a research assistant on the Understanding experiences of Dementia study being led by Dr Suzanne Ii (University of Oxford) and Dr Lyndsay Lindley (University of York). I am also a PhD student in the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) at the University of Edinburgh conducting my doctoral research on “The use of restrictive practices with people with diminished capacity in care settings”.