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Shahd Daher

PhD Health Economics

Health Economist

I am a health economist at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, and an Honorary Research Associate at Cardiff University. I specialise in data management, statistical analysis, association based analysis, literature reviews, and cost effectiveness and budget impact models.

I achieved a PhD degree in Health Economics from University College London (UCL). My thesis was entitled “The impact of Macroeconomic conditions on Health and well-being in England”.  The aim of my research was to investigate the relationship between macroeconomic conditions, proxied by regional employment and unemployment rates, on health and well-being in England. Large datasets from The Office for National Statistics, UK, were assessed.

Since joining the department in 2018, I completed collaborating on the following projects:

2018 – 2019

  • “Diagnosis and management of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in primary care: pathway mapping literature review and survey. A report for NHS England”.
  • “NHS health care usage and cost analysis of Mitral and Tricuspid Regurgitation in OxValve cohort- a large prospective Echocardiographic population screen study”.

2019 – 2020

  • Economic evaluations in children’s social care, Outcomes for Young People using secure and alternative accommodation.
  • Economics of miscarriage.
  • Economic analysis for the Schwartz Rounds project.
  • World Allergy Organization’s project on severity of food allergy reactions, "Consensus on DEfinition of Food Allergy SEverity (DEFASE) an integrated mixed methods systematic review”.

Currently I am involved with the following projects:

2018 – Currently

  • Cost effectiveness analysis of Rapid diagnosis of urinary tract infection in primary healthcare.

2020 – Currently

  • Tools to measure and value health change in children (TORCH)

  • The SWIS Trial: An evaluation of school based social work.

My research interests include determinates of health and risky behaviours, effects of recessions on physical and mental health, and health inequalities.