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Simon Grinstead - DPhil Evidence Based Health Care student

Simon Grinstead - DPhil Evidence Based Health Care student

Simon Grinstead

BSc (Hons) MSc (Oxon)

DPhil Evidence Based Health Care student

My research focuses on the post-acquisition outcomes of disruptive medical innovation and policy implications for anti-trust regulation.

Research summary

The research investigates why some innovative medical technology products fail to enter the market after being acquired by large incumbent companies. Little empirical evidence exists to reveal the details surrounding these events. This research aims to understand the conduct, behaviour, reasons, motives and any strategic intent by corporates involved in terminating acquired medical technology innovation. Potential benefits include identifying reasons for failure and proposing ways to increase the number of medical innovations reaching patients. Insights for improving outcomes may emerge that benefit industry and regulatory bodies. Improving the processes may benefit healthcare practitioners and patients with access to superior medical technology. The ability and methods used to investigate industry activity through data analysis and from first-hand accounts could benefit researchers who wish to focus on this field of research. 

Supervisors: Professor Jonathan Michie & Professor Sue Dopson