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Dr Sophie Park

Dr Sophie Park

Sophie Park

MBChB M.Med.Sci (dist) EdD SFHEA FRCGP

  • Director Primary Care Undergraduate Studies

Professor Primary Care and Clinical Education


Sophie Park is Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Education in the Nuffield Dept. of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford. She is a GP in Hertfordshire and Honorary Professor of Primary Care and Medical Education at University College London. 


Sophie is internationally recognised for her research about clinical education and the primary care workforce. She is a strong advocate for patient involvement and partnership in education and research. Her research explores workforce sustainability across clinical education, organisation and delivery of primary healthcare, to support equitable and effective patient care, healthcare services and learning systems. Her most recent book 'Generalism in Clinical Practice and Education' will be published this Summer with UCL Press: 

Capacity Building

Sophie is a supervisor and examiner for a range of primary care and clinical education PhD, EdD and MD students. She is Chair of the Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC) Education Research Group and Co-Lead for the NIHR Clinical Education Research Incubator, supporting the Executive Group in its growth of patient and public user involvement, capacity building and legacy work. She is Co-Lead alongside Professor Kamal Mahtani for the NIHR School of Primary Care Research (SPCR) Evidence Synthesis Working Group (ESWG) network. Sophie is a member of the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) Scientific Foundation Board (SFB) which supports practitioner allowance grants and annual research grants about primary care, with a particular commitment to capacity building. 


Sophie is Director of Undergraduate Primary Care Studies at the University Oxford. In this role, Sophie leads the department Undergraduate Teaching Group, co-ordinating the organisation and delivery of student learning in primary care, including promotion of scholarship and GP tutor faculty development. The primary care teaching group is currently responsible for and delivers the following undergraduate courses:

Years 1 & 2

  • Patient & Doctor 1 (early patient contact)
  • Medical Statistics (for pre-clinical medical students)

Year 3

  • Learning with Patients (Longitudinal placements to promote student-patient partnership)
  • Final Honours School (FHS) projects (enabling collaboration between medical students and world-class primary care academics)

Year 4

  • GP placement (across Thames Valley practices)
  • Communication Skills 
  • Student Selected Teaching (SSTs) in Primary Care
  • 'Out of Oxford' (O3) General Practice teaching 
  • Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) course

Year 5

  • GP placement 

Year 6

  • Student Selected Modules (SSM) in Primary Care