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Steven Markham

Research Fellow in Health Services Research

My research looks at the role of Social Prescribing and Link Workers in Primary Care.

Link workers, employed to help patients in primary care, have time to talk to patients about what matters to them in terms of their health and wellbeing. They can connect patients to social interventions.

These interventions, such as Walking for Health groups, Men’s Sheds and Exercise on Referral programmes, are often based in community settings and help to support people’s health and wellbeing.

Before becoming an academic, I used to work as a Public Health Specialist in the NHS managing a programme of projects to improve community health and wellbeing. This past experience helps me to understand what social interventions are aiming to achieve, what their outcomes are and how results are achieved or not.

When researching or evaluating a project, I like to use an approach called (Scientific) ‘Realism’: to understand not only what works, but also for whom, in what circumstances, how and why.

Recent publications

More publications


Markham, S. and Hanna, E. (forthcoming). Shed Talk: Discourses of men and masculinities in the context of a men’s shed, in Brookes, G. (Ed.) Masculinities and Discourses of Men’s Health. Studies in Language, Gender and Sexuality Series. London: Palgrave.

Hanna, E., Martin, G., Campbell, A., Connolly, P., Fearon, K. and Markham, S. (forthcoming). Experiences of face mask use during the Covid-19 pandemic: A qualitative study. Sociology of Health & Illness.

Hanna, E., Gough, B. and Markham, S. (2020). Masculinities in the construction industry: A double‐edged sword for health and wellbeing? Gender, Work & Organization. 27: 632–646.

Markham, S. and Booth, A. (2019). Health and wellbeing impacts of men’s sheds: a systematic review of effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility. PROSPERO Systematic Review Protocol: CRD42019149644.

Hanna, E.S. and Markham, S. (2019). Constructing better health and wellbeing? Understanding structural constraints on promoting health and wellbeing in the UK construction industry, International Journal of Workplace Health Management, Vol. 12 No. 3, pp. 146-159.