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Susannah Fleming

MEng DPhil

Senior Quantitative Researcher

My research is focussed on monitoring and diagnosis, particularly using "vital signs" such as heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen levels, temperature, blood pressure, and capillary refill time.  I have particular interest in temperature monitoring, and am a member of the National Body Temperature Measurement Group. I am interested in the accuracy of monitoring technology used by both clinicians and patients.


I teach on the MSc in EBHC Medical Statistics, and co-ordinate the module in Essential Medical Statistics. I also teach medical statistics on the undergraduate medical course.

MSc Supervision

I am particularly keen to supervise students considering research on monitoring and diagnosis.  I have particular experience in systematic reviewing and meta-analysis, observational research, and diagnostic accuracy studies, and so would welcome students considering any of these methodologies.  

Links to resources:

Evidence-based centiles for heart rate and breathing rate in children (Fleming S. et al, (2011), Lancet, 377, 1011 - 1018)

  • Centile web application
  • Centile charts poster - apologies.  These resources are currently unavailable.  Please email me for access in the meantime while we work on getting them back up again.
  • Raw centile data and associated software code

"Dumbell" pre- and post-test probability plots

Key publications

Recent publications

More publications