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Takeshi Fujiwara


  • M.D.(cardiology), Ph.D.

I am an exchange student from Japan and a postdoctoral research scientist at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science, having joined the department in April 2022. My research interests are self-management of home blood pressure with telemonitoring system and prevention for cardiovascular disease in primary care. I am working within the hypertension team. 

I graduated from Jichi Medical University, Japan and completed my PhD at the same university.

After graduation, I worked as a general physician for 9 years in public medical institutions, including a remote clinic, in Kochi and Gunma Pref. There, I had the opportunity to support the health of the entire communities and see all patients from babies to the elderly.

Through such precious experiences, I realised the importance of prevention for cardiovascular disease in primary care and the boundless potential of blood pressure telemonitoring systems for them.

After completing 9-year works as a general physician, I returned to Jichi Medical University to further my studies as a cardiologist.