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Tassie Mtika

Communications Officer

In November 2023, I joined NDPCHS as a communications officer. I am working for the new Centre for Research Equity (CfRE). In this role, I support communication and visibility requirements for the CfRE.

I drive the Centre’s mission-advancing the understanding of and improving inclusive research practice and community engagement in health and care research. My role includes strategic communication planning, content development, and managing digital communications.

Additionally, I support communications of the department’s communications team. I also support communications for the Applied Research Collaborations Oxford and Thames Valley (ARC OxTV).

Before joining the department, I worked in communications roles at the Agriculture Communication Branch. It was under the Malawi ministry of agriculture’s Department of Agriculture Extension Services. Later, I briefly worked as a climate change communications officer for the Malawi Scotland Partnership between 2021-2022. After that, I pursued further studies.

I recently completed a master’s in Journalism, Media, and Communications from Cardiff University, which expanded my understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape. It equipped me with global communications, social media, digital storytelling, crisis reporting, and strategic communication skills.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead. I look forward to driving positive solutions for improved health and care outcomes that benefit all.