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Una Rennard

Public Involvement Officer NIHR ARC Oxford and Thames Valley

  • NIHR Public Partnerships Programme Board Member
  • UK Standards for Public Involvement Five Nations Sub Group Member

I have worked in the voluntary sector and have been involving communities in the issues that matter to them for almost 30 years.  I have worked with older people, volunteers, special educational needs and disabilities and people with long term conditions.

Since 2003 I have been developing my knowledge and experience of public involvement, engagement and participation in health and social care as a public contributor in health and social care research. 

I have worked as a public contributor within NIHR in a number of roles including at a local and national level.  I was an advisory group member for INVOLVE, I have been a public member of funding committees and have held strategic and advisory roles including as a member of the Public Partnerships Programme Board (the group providing the strategic lead for public partnerships – involvement, engagement and participation - in NIHR).

I have also been involved in research projects focused on autism and PPI in research.  I have been an advisor, a co-researcher and a co-applicant.

My key areas of PPI interest are around continual improvement, strategic direction and development of public involvement.  I have been closely involved with the development of the UK Standards for Public Involvement and continue to be a part of the group supporting governance of the standards.

As Public Involvement Officer for the Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) Oxford and Thames Valley I am the first point of contact for Patient and Public Involvement within the ARC.  I support Researchers to implement PPI in their work and ensure Public Contributors involved with the ARC and its research are supported.