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CONDOR provides a single national route to evaluate new diagnostic tests for COVID-19.

The CONDOR platform is accelerating how quickly promising COVID-19 diagnostics make it into real-world use. It is evaluating new COVID-19 diagnostics in the settings they will be used, such as in GP surgeries, care homes or hospitals, as well as their performance in laboratory settings.

Two studies sit within the CONDOR platform, RAPTOR C-19, which is evaluating diagnostic tests in primary care (led by the University of Oxford), and FALCON C-19, which is evaluating diagnostic tests in secondary care (led by the University of Manchester.

Co-led between the University of Oxford with Manchester University’s Diagnostic and Technology Accelerator (DiTA), project partners include NIHR MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostic Co-operatives based in Oxford, Leeds, London and Newcastle.  

Oxford co-leads: Associate Professor Gail Hayward (CONDOR), Dr Brian Nicholson (RAPTOR C-19)

Research Groups: NIHR Community Healthcare MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative, Cancer Research Group

Funding: UKRI, NIHR, Asthma UK, British Lung Foundation

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