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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary

Terms of Reference:

To advise the Head of Department (HoD) on all matters affecting the department, with particular reference to:

  • the budget and forecast,
  • allocation of resources and accommodation,
  • academic appointments
  • strategy
  • risk management


Frequency of meetings:

Three times per term in, or around, 0th, 4th and 9th week and as necessary

Quorum:  3 Academics, 2 Professional & Support - where meetings are not quorate a provisional decision may be made pending ratification from absent members.



Associate Head for Research*

Associate Head for Graduate Training*

Associate Head for Undergraduate Training

Associate Head for People, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion*

Up to two members selected by the DSC from the current SAC*

Head of Administration

Head of Finance

Head of HR

Head of Communications

Up to one member selected by the DSC where a specific skill is required for a defined period 


*appointed for three years in the first instance, extendable to align with the term of the HoD.  All posts to be reviewed within the first year of appointment of a new HoD

Committee Secretary: EA to the HoD