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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary

Terms of Reference: (Updated August 2022)

Provides strategic direction for training for PGTs, PGRs, ACFs and operational PG matters. Specifically:

  • Develop, implement, review, and amend policies practices relating to training of students
  • Conduct graduate studies business including decisions in relation to the admission, progression and examination of PG students.
  • Provide advice on the organisation, development and delivery of curricula for the MSc courses and on the facilities and the framework of support for PGTs.
  • Provide advice on the organisation, development and delivery of DPhil programmes and on the facilities and the framework of support for PGRs.

Meeting frequency:

Once a term, ideally in 0th Week with an additional meeting if needed (8th Week)


Membership:  Defined by the roles that members hold e.g. DGS, head of course etc

Paul Aveyard

Departmental Training Lead

Anne Ferrey

Director of MSc in THS

Trish Greenhalgh

Director of Programmes in THS

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

Director of DPhil in EBHC

Gail Hayward

Clinical Training Lead

Carl Heneghan

Director of Programmes in EBHC

Richard Hobbs

Head of Department

Judy Irving

Head of Programmes

Laura Heath / Kiana Collins

DPhil Student Representative

Daniel Long

Graduate Studies Officer [Secretary]

Kamal Mahtani

Director of MSc EBHC Systematic Reviews & Director MSc Global Healthcare Leadership

Rafael Perera

        DGS [Chair]

Annette Plüddemann

Director of MSc EBHC

Catherine Pope

Courses Lead, Oxford Qualitative Courses

John Powell

Director MSc Applied Digital Health

Nicola Small

Head of Administration & Finance

Richard Stevens

Director of MSc EBHC Statistics

Geoff Wong

Deputy DGS


Standing items on the agenda:


  1. Admissions review
  2. Discussion of results of the student barometer (and departmental student survey if applicable)


  1. Report on post-doc training and Oxford Qualitative Courses (relevant representatives to be included for this meeting only)

For all meetings:

  1. PGR update
    1. DPhil Primary Care
    2. DPhil Translational Health Sciences
    3. DPhil EBHC
  2. PGT updates, by course:
    1. MSc Global Healthcare Leadership
    2. MSc Applied Digital Health
    3. EBHC programmes
    4. THS programmes
  3. ACF update
  4. Student report
    1. DPhil
    2. PGT programmes via Course Directors
  5. Departmental Culture: EDI/Environment