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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary

Terms of Reference: (last updated 3 December 2019)

  • Develop, monitor and maintain a Departmental research strategy which aims to promote excellence in primary care research.
  • Develop  and implement plans to maximise cross-group working, through scientific collaborations and efficient use of shared resources.
  • Develop and oversee an ongoing strategy to communicate our research strategy and the impacts of our research both internally and to external stakeholders.
  • Develop, monitor and maintain a strategy for income generation to support the departmental infrastructure and facilities for research.
  • Work with the education and training committee to develop, monitor and maintain a staffing strategy and staff development programme aligned to Departmental interests.

Meeting frequency:

Twice a term (0th and 8th Week)

Membership: (last updated 3 December 2019)

  • Health behaviours: Paul Aveyard (Deputy: Susan Jebb)
  • Infections and acute care: Gail Hayward (Deputy: Sarah Tonkin-Crine)
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic: Richard Hobbs, Richard McManus (Chair)
  • Patient experience: Sue Ziebland (Deputies: Cathy Pope and James Sheppard)
  • EBM and Research Methods: Rafael Perera  (Deputy: Kamal Mahtani)
  • Clinical Trials: Chris Butler (Deputy: Ly-Mee Yu)
  • Big Data: Clare Bankhead
  • Digital Health: Trish Greenhalgh
  • International: 
  • Health Policy: Raphael Wittenberg (Deputy: Stavros Petrou)
  • Impact: Trish Greenhalgh
  • Training: Paul Aveyard (Deputy: Kath Tucker)
  • EMCRs: Rachel Pechey (Deputy: Nicola Lindson)
  • DPhils: Melissa Little
  • PPI: Polly Kerr
  • Information Governance Committee Chair: Ly-Mee Yu
  • Communications: Jo Gearing
  • Head of Administration & Finance: Nicola Small
  • Secretary: Lucy Curtin 

Research Strategy

This document aims to capture an outline for the research strategy for the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford until 2026. It is the latest draft of an evolving process over the past five years. The strategy aims to develop our major, substantive research themes, maximising our advantages, concentrating our efforts in areas where we can achieve the greatest impact while still recognising the need to continue to develop and nurture new areas of interest. The new strategy also places inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of our approach to research