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Terms of Reference

It is recognised that:

  • The department continues to grow, and that research growth is essential to a department seeking to maintain its position as the top-ranked academic primary care unit in the UK;
  • The Head of Department and Head of Administration & Finance continue to make the case strongly to the University for additional space, in both the short- and long-term;
  • Despite this, there is no strong likelihood at this stage (February 2019) that additional space will be made available in the immediate term; and that
  • The prevailing preference is to remain in the city centre and therefore on or near to the ROQ.

In enacting its core purpose, the group shall give consideration to:

  • The most effective ways of communicating with staff to allow for a two-way dialogue which recognises staff views while taking account of the constraints within which the department operates;
  • The data (whether qualitative or quantitative or both) that should inform decision-making;
  • Proposals that may be made by individuals or research teams within the department for new ways in which departmental space might be used, if these proposals would likely increase space efficiency and space utilisation;
  • Solutions implemented in other relevant venues (e.g. other HEIs) and the ways in which these have proved successful or unsuccessful; and
  • Whether any external facilitation (e.g. to aid communication) or consultancy (e.g. to propose solutions appropriate to NDPCHS) would be of benefit in its consideration of the above.


Richard McManusChair
Lucy AbelMedical Statistics
Laura ArmitageDiabetes and Long Term Conditions
Nicola Small / Clare Wickings / Dan Richards-DoranAdministration / HR / Comms (rotating membership according to business)
Lucy CurtinSecretary and Group Administrator
Ruth DavisCEBM
Georgina FletcherARC/SPCR
Claire DuddyIRIHS
Ben GoldacreEBM Data Lab
Julia Hippisley-CoxPrimary Care Epidemiology
Emma OgburnCTU
Christina PotterHealth Behaviours
Tanvi RaiHERG
Maryam AhmadyarDPhil Students
Kath TuckerCardiovascular
Oliver van HeckeInfections and Acute Care
Jacqui BelcherUndergraduate Teaching