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Terms of Reference

1. To share information about office usage and where there are pressures present or future and ensure that there is equity across the department

2. To share good practice on making best use of space and consider views on how to manage space within the constraints within which the department operates

3. To disseminate information about space changes and other matters relating to office space

4. To promote an effective and pleasant working environment for all staff and students, balancing the needs of individuals with the needs of the groups and the wider department.

5. To inform decisions made by the Departmental People and EDI Committee on how can we best manage space between groups/teams with reference to:

· Desk and office space

· Meeting room space

· Policy

6. To identify and work collaboratively to overcome challenges regarding space management and how the department can best support each group.

Frequency of meetings:

Once a term.



Group or role

Nicola Small, Chair

Head of Administration and Finance

Gemma Webb, Coordinator

Departmental Project Manager

Jessy Morton

PHC Building Management

Nicola Pidduck

Medical Statistics

Julia Beese

NIHR HTA Programme

Lucy Curtin


Joanna Lach


Sharon Tonner


Jeanette Allsworth

Behavioural Medicine

Ruth Sanders


Claire Meadows

Epidemiology, Health Economics, Infections & Acute Care

Hilary Winstanley

Bennett Institute

Dom Tromans


Kiana Collins

DPhil Students Rep

Charlotte Thompson-Grant

Interdisciplinary Research in Health Sciences (IRIHS)

Filipa Ferreira

Clinical Informatics