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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary

Terms of Reference: (updated January 2021)

Makes decisions about undergraduate teaching in the department.

Meeting frequency:



  • Senior Clinical Lecturer in Primary Health Care: Julian Hancock (Chair)
  • Primary Care Course Administrator: Emma Wiley
  • Primary Care Course Assistant: Maria Luque Arrabal
  • Head of Administration & Finance: Nicola Small
  • Lecturer: Helen Salisbury
  • Lecturer: David Nunan 
  • Head of Department: Richard Hobbs
  • Lecturer: Richard Stevens
  • Lecturer: Adrian Smith
  • Lecturer: Thomas Fanshawe
  • Lecturer: Annette Pluddemann
  • Lecturer: Carl Heneghan
  • Lecturer: Rafael Perera
  • Lecturer: Ruth Wilson
  • Lecturer: Alison Convey
  • Lecturer: Rachel Allan
  • Lecturer: David McCartney
  • Lecturer: Kamal Mahtani
  • Student representatives: Katherine Marshall, Zachary Tait