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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary (Emma Wiley)

Meeting frequency:


Committee Title:

NDPCHS Undergraduate Primary Care Education Committee

Updated May 2022


Terms of Reference:

The committee is responsible for the general oversight of all undergraduate courses delivered by the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. The committee should:

  • Approve the aims, outcomes and curriculum of these courses
  • Review the teaching and assessment of students associated with these courses
  • Ensure the pedagogic methods used support effective student learning
  • Consider evaluation data collected from students undertaking these courses
  • Receive reports on the standards and quality of the undergraduate Primary Care teaching by faculty, Teaching Practices and GP Tutors
  • Support periodic review and development of all these courses


Membership of Committee

  1. Academic Lead for Undergraduate Primary Care Teaching
  2. Head of Department, Nuffield Dept of Primary Care Health Sciences
  3. Head of Administration, Nuffield Dept of Primary Care Health Sciences
  4. Student representative Years 1 - 3
  5. Student representative Years 4 - 6 and GE Years 3 - 4
  6. Student representative GE Years 1 - 2
  7. Academic Lead for Year 1 & 2 teaching (Patient & Doctor I course)
  8. Academic Lead for Year 1 & 2 Medical Statistics Teaching or deputy
  9. Coordinator for Year 3 FHS student projects
  10. Academic Lead for EBM Teaching (six-year course Year 4 and GE course Year 1)
  11. Academic Lead for Communications Skills teaching
  12. Academic Lead for Year 4 GP teaching (Patient & Doctor II GP placements & Out of Oxford (O3) GP teaching)
  13. Academic Lead for Year 5/GE3 GP Placement (CBM course)
  14. Director of GE Medicine course or deputy
  15. Director of Clinical Studies or deputy


The Academic Lead for Undergraduate Primary Care Teaching chairs the committee.

Student representatives serve for a maximum of 3 years.

The committee may co-opt additional members if deemed necessary.


Others attending Committee

Although not members of the committee, all administrators in the Undergraduate Primary Care Teaching Group are invited to attend all committee meetings.


Relationship with Nuffield Dept of Primary Care Health Sciences committees

  • The committee reports to Senior Management Committee
  • Reports of the committee's business will be posted on the department intranet



The committee meets at least once each term.


Updated May 2022