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Page updated 28.01.2022


  • February 2022 will be a month of gentle preparation with a view to returning to a pattern of regular office working in March.
  • There is an expectation that in Hilary Term everyone will spend some time in the office with colleagues.
  • Hilary Term will be an experimental period for everyone to test, and adapt, new ways of working.
  • No flexible working requests for hybrid working will be formalised before Easter while we are still experimenting.

Action for managers/supervisors

  1. Discuss RTOSW with your team so that all team members hear the same message
  2. Offer one to one conversations with any member of staff/students who would like it
  3. Be prepared to experiment with hybrid arrangements to maximise benefit for the individual and the team
  4. Follow this University guidance for managers
  5. Point staff to this Guidance for staff
  6. All returning individuals must have an induction from Jessy BEFORE their agreed return date. (book an induction by emailing
  7. The New Ways of Working Framework may prove helpful for thinking through scenarios

Action for everyone

  1. Read this Guidance for staff (also largely applies to our DPhil students)
  2. Think about practicalities – what equipment has been taken home that would need returning to the office?
  3. Remember that when you return to the office any desktops may take time to update and you may need to rearrange your desk set-up
  4. The IT team will need time to support any IT issues on return – please bear this in mind and do not expect instant availability.  The IT team will need to work on a ticket basis.
  5. If you haven’t had one, book your induction by emailing in plenty of time before your agreed return date.  


All the Return to Onsite Working Documentation, including risk assessments, for the Department are available here for everyone to read.  The University Guidance is available here.