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In the first instance, we are prioritising those who find working from home a significant challenge, in addition to those with their own offices.  If you fall into this group, and would like to utilise our office space, you will need to:

  1. Following a discussion with your line manager, complete the RPC form or the Gibson form as appropriate to request access to your desk. This is so we can monitor the number of people in any room at any given time to ensure social distancing measures can be are adhered to.
  2. Email the form to the PI or team member who is managing the space and cc in
  3. PI or team member responsible for approval replies (cc all), authorising or denying application
  4. If authorised, will contact you to book a one-to-one building induction which will take no longer than 20 minutes. This will familiarise you with the new safety measures in place.
  5. Once induction is completed, Jessy will send a follow-up email to you (cc-ing your PI and line manager) which contains details discussed during the induction, and further advice. Await permission to return, and only enter the building on pre-arranged days
  6. PI/Line manager will have access to Gibson and RPC spreadsheet rotas, and these will be updated by the team as staff/students are approved for return to on-site working. 
  7. Abide by the safety measures and bear in mind that measures may change over time.

All the Return to Onsite Working Documentation, including risk assessments, for the Department are available here for everyone to read.  The University has pulled together all its coronavirus information for staff in a single page here.



When this period of enforced remote working for all comes to an end we hope flexible working will continue as appropriate, taking into consideration the needs of individual staff members and the way in which they work, collaborate and teach. There will likely be discussions about how we use our buildings going forwards within teams and in the Return to On-Site Working Task Force/Space Management Working Group.

Hot-desking is not currently permitted. You are not permitted to use other people's keyboards and mice. There are some spare keyboards and mice with Shadi in the IT office. 

Currently we are advising the use of face coverings in all communal areas around our buildings. In line with current guidance, you can wear your face-covering at your desk if you wish, but will not be required to do so. Please bear in mind that some staff are exempt from wearing face coverings.

We realise that some colleagues will have health concerns about returning on-site, and the University is currently developing a process for supporting you. Some other staff may also have concerns about the other pressures - for example, childcare, home or travel arrangements. You will have a chance to discuss these with your manager, and we will accommodate your needs during the current period as much as possible. 

If you have any concerns around feeling pressure to return, please contact the HR Team

The Gibson Building is currently approved to have 25% occupancy. We are gradually increasing numbers of staff working in the building over the summer and what may change over the coming weeks is the flexibility required of those working in Gibson, which days are worked on site and which from home.  

The Radcliffe Primary Care Building is approved to open. Those who find working from home a significant challenge will have the opportunity to return to the office if they wish to do so in August. We will then gradually and carefully scale-up the numbers from September.

Work on approving Eagle House to open is underway, we expect to have a further update in September.

The Department Bronze Group meets each week and we will continue to review on a weekly basis as the number of people who need to return onsite increases.  We do not know what’s going to happen in the future so we will have to be flexible and constantly review the situation.

There has always been the opportunity for people do do this so please contact if you wish to collect personal items or other equipment.

Coffee breaks will unfortunately not be possible inside for the time being, but if the weather is fine staff in the office can sit outside with coffee.

We will follow the advice from the University, which take into consideration the risk to individuals and the advice from the Government. Currently the University hopes to resume teaching in Michaelmas Term. The hope is by then the research in most departments will have also resumed and the purpose of the next few weeks and months is to work out how we can achieve that safely.

At present we are working on the basis of 2m spacing. This means we can only achieve between 20-30% occupancy at any one time. In these circumstances whole teams will not be able to come in together, but within teams a rota can be organised so that each member of the team has the opportunity to come in at least once during the week. This will be reviewed regularly as government advice changes. If you wish to return, please contact We are also looking at other measures which may allow us to operate according to the one-metre-plus guidance.

We will operate a wait and pass system, leave outer doors open where possible, cleaners will pay extra attention to touch points, users must close seats before flushing and please remember to always wash your hands.

If it is needed then yes it will be provided. The Department is providing hand sanitisers around the buildings.

Cleaners will be focusing on cleaning touch points across our buildings, and Facilities Management will also visit twice a day to clean these. Everyone will also be asked to clear their desks of clutter. Sanitiser will be provided. Flushing the building for Legionnaires’ disease has been carried out and the risk assessment will be made available to everybody. 

There are new Temporary Permission to Park permits and additional parking available – guidance is available here 

Staff may apply for the new Temporary Permission to Park (TPTP) permits. All applications for a TPTP must be made by staff using the online application system. Applications will then be sent to the department for approval. From 14 August 2020 all existing peak permits will be invalid and the ONLY peak permit recognised will be the new TPTP permit. Access to the application form and a list of the nominated departmental permit administrators are available on the University Parking permits page. On the section for approvals filter for PCHS and select as the approver.

If you have a cold, flu, or any symptoms that could be covid-like, please do not come into the office. University test, track and trace facilities are being set-up, which staff will have access to.

The current focus and planning is to open up buildings which is much more complex than closing for lockdown. Preparing for the prospect of a second wave is part of broader University planning and we will also plan for the possibility of closing down and how to be even more efficient in this. The situation will be kept under weekly review by the Departmental Bronze Group, and will be informed by the University Bronze and Silver groups.

Please ensure that windows are kept open to optimise airflow. The ventilation systems have been looked at. We will keep staff updated about the ventilation system advice as we head towards the autumn.

We are currently not permitting external visitors to our buildings.

Before arranging for any team meetings, each member of the team will need to request permission to go the office following the process at the top of this page.

Please also consider the number of people permitted in each meeting room, which currently stands at 3-4, depending on the size of the room. You may instead wish to consider meeting your team outside, or at a larger external venue such as a college.