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What should I do with my empty crate?

  • The Gibson Building – please stack them in one area of the common room, so that the meeting rooms can get back to normal
  • RPC – please stack them in the atrium (where CTU crates are at the moment.)

We need to have them all emptied and gathered for collection by end of Friday 12 April.

My monitor is blank/my PC won't switch on

Please check that your cables are connected correctly. 

Further support on fixing issues with your monitor can be found here:

Otherwise, please contact Russell Dean for support. 

How do I do a DSE assessment?

Given the large amount of assessments needed following the move, each member of staff moving will be emailed asking them to conduct an online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment.

There is likely to be a delay in sending these emails.

My phone says "Enter terminal number", what should I do?

1. The phone will boot up and the screen will flash “enter Terminal Number” when ready. This process may take up to 10 minutes.
2. Key in your full telephone number in one of the following formats:
Make sure you key in the correct number; entering a wrong number will require a factory reset for the phone.
Once you’re sure you have entered the correct number, press the OK button. If you accidentally enter the wrong number, see instructions below.
3. Wait for the phone to automatically configure. This could take up to 30 minutes: once the display shows the date and extension number it is ready to use.
4. Make a test call to 10888, which will read your number back to you.  If you can’t make a call, contact the Chorus team via the Service Desk on (01865 6) 12345 or
If you enter the number incorrectly:
​​Follow these steps to perform a factory reset of the Unify phone:
  • 1. ​​Hold the 289 keys down at the same time.
  • 2.The phone will then ask for a reset password​.
  • 3. You will be prompted to enter a Factory Reset PIN.  Enter 124816 then hit OK.  The phone will take a couple of minutes to reset, and will prompt you for the terminal number when it's rebooted.

Phone guides can be found on the IT Services Portal:

To find out what accounts and passwords you should use, visit: 

If you have any questions about using your phone please contact your local ITSS team in the first instance, otherwise contact the central Service Desk via  or (01865 6)12345.

I can't get any network connection

This is likely to be a cabling issue.

Please check that your ethernet cable is connected into the back of the PC and the network port is connected to the floor.

You may need to try a different network port on the floor, if there is another one available. 

For further support fixing cable issues, check:

Otherwise, please contact Russell Dean for support.

How do I print to my nearest printer?

You can retrieve your printing from any printer in the department using your ID card.

For more information on networked printers, visit:

Where are the toilets and shower facilities?

There are toilets on each floor of RPC and one shower in the disabled toilet.  Lockers are available in the east stairwell for towels etc.

There are toilets in the Gibson at the far end of the building with a shower.