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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Universitys travel policy, but were too afraid to ask.

new Travel policy

As of August 1st 2022 The University travel policy has been updated with the intention that the new guidance aims to reduce the environmental impact of travel whilst on University business.

To this end:

  • Domestic flights
  • Flights to Paris and Brussels
  • First class flights


To reduce flights, unless exceptions or reasonable adjustments are applicable,

  • Rail should be used for all domestic journeys under 7 hours. Exceptions include flights to Northern Ireland, the Shetland Islands or the Outer Hebrides. Flights are also permitted to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • Eurostar should be used for all journeys to Paris and Brussels
  • First class flights are not permitted
  • Premium economy and business class flights require pre-approval by departments, with evidence retained.

Exceptions to these restrictions will only be made as a reasonable adjustment to account for disability or another protected characteristic, in emergencies or where abiding by them is impractical or unsafe.

All travel should be minimised and made as sustainably as reasonably possible. The department will incur a flight levy charge for all flights paid for, or reimbursed by, the University which will fund the University's Environmental sustainability strategy.

before travelling

If you are considering travelling for work or need to undertake travel on University business please see the University's "travelling for work" page for guidance and advice on a wide variety of useful topics.

travel cost

Travel costs should offer value for money. Value for money is the optimum balance between cost, quality, risk and environmental sustainability.

In order to meet a reduction in flights and carbon emissions from travel, it is permissible to spend more when:

  • Travelling by rail for domestic journeys
  • Travelling by Eurostar to Paris and Brussels

making travel bookings

The University's preferred supplier for travel bookings is Key Travel. Payment is made by the University, via invoice.

Key travel should always be used for:

  • UK rail journeys
  • Hotels and accommodation
  • International flights
  • Eurostar

why do we use key travel?


  • Access to academic fares, not publicly available, average 30% saving
  • Price match promise on air fares


  • No requirement for personal payment and reimbursement
  • Online booking facility for direct bookings
  • Offline booking facility using a travel agent for complex bookings
  • Travellers can capture loyalty scheme points
  • Single point of contact for any/all necessary changes and refunds


  • 24 hour emergency support


  • Greenest search option available
  • Comprehensive carbon emissions reporting

HOW DO I book?

1. Contact Key Travel directly to request a quote:

     Tel: 0161 819 9763

Once a quote has been obtained and you wish to make a booking please forward your quote details, including quote number, to to obtain a purchase order to secure the booking. Alternatively, if you or a member of your team have access to Oracle iProcurement, you should create a requisition on R12 for finance approval.

2. Book via the online booking portal:

Bookings can be held for a period of days when reserved via the booking portal. A purchase order is still required in all cases; please submit a requisition via Oracle iProcurement.if you have R12 access or forward your booking details to

If you do not have access to the online booking portal, please email requesting access.

Please see the main university guidance here (SSO required).


24/7 Emergency Support (general number) +44 (0) 207 843 9602  

Online support, Emergency Out of Hours and to book by telephone: 0161 8199763

For queries relating to online bookings and the online portal

For groups, meetings, conferences, and event bookings or enquiries

Visa enquiries



The University provides travel insurance for University employees, students and volunteers travelling within the UK or worldwide on University business. Cover is not automatic – you have to arrange insurance each time you travel. Further information on insurance, including eligibility for University insurance, is available here.  Cover and exclusions are set out here.


Visit this page (Single Sign On (SSO) required) to submit your travel insurance application. Once submitted, your application will be automatically routed to the department for authorisation.

Even if you do not wish to apply for University travel insurance, the system can be used to register travel details so that in the event of any crisis the University can provide support.


  • You will land on a ‘get started’ page: for ‘trip title’, write the purpose of the trip (conference, fieldwork, visit to archives, etc). Complete the other fields on this page, and hit ‘create’.
  • You will be faced with a series of tabs. Please work your way through the self-explanatory fields on these tabs.
  • Under the ‘Trip’ tab, there is a field entitled ‘How is trip funded’. Please provide the cost centre or project code here.
  • Also under the ‘trip’ tab, you will be asked about a risk assessment. For overseas travel and fieldwork please complete and attach a risk assessment.

Training on the system is not mandatory but is encouraged. Please visit this link to access online training  (SSO required – click ‘CoSy’, ‘Course search’ and search ‘Travel insurance’).



In the UK, the University considers reasonable rates for overnight accommodation to be:

  • up to £150 per night in major cities; or
  • up to £100 per night elsewhere.

The University uses HMRC's published benchmark rates as 'reasonable rates' guidance for overseas accommodation. Expense claims that exceed these values may be queried and could be rejected if costs are considered to be unreasonable.

The University does not pay an allowance per day for overnight accommodation. Only actual and evidenced costs may be claimed and in all cases, receipts or evidence must be provided.


Guidelines for use of AirBnB

The University does not recommend the use of Airbnb. However, at departmental discretion, the University will reimburse the cost of Airbnb accommodation for overnight stays. The risks relating to Airbnb accommodation should be assessed in the usual way. All Airbnb accommodation should be appropriate in size for the number of guests. Overnight accommodation guidance rates also apply for all Airbnb bookings. The cost of an apartment or house for one individual is not value for money and should not be accepted.


As with all queries relating to finance matters, please contact in the first instance