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Due to UK Data Protection Legislation regulations, personal contact details for staff are not usually permitted to be supplied. Please contact the HR team at to discuss. 

Our recruitment process now begins with the submission of the online recruitment initiation form Please use this form for all new and replacement posts, direct appointments, casual appointments, TSS assignments and readvertisements with changes to the original vacancy has changed.  

Once received, you will receive a response from a member of the HR team within two working days.  

Firstly, you must be the line manager or supervisor for this individual if you are providing an employment reference and have the individual’s consent. 

If the request is for an employment reference, it is important to provide one that is fair, accurate and compliant with the law. Please contact the HR team if you are unsure.  

Guidance on writing references is here
If you are asked to provide a reference for the purpose of confirming someone’s salary – this may be for a new job, mortgage application or to rent a property – please forward this on to the HR team to complete.