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Reward and Recognition Scheme

The University has in place a reward and recognition scheme for academic-related and support staff.  The Scheme has two elements:

  1. an annual gathered field review, the ‘Awards for Excellence Scheme’, at departmental level, awarding incremental payments within a simplified framework (a non-pensionable lump sum to the value of one increment, or a pensionable advancement to the next point on the incremental scale);
  2. a ‘Recognition Scheme’, under which smaller, more timely awards (£200 before tax in all cases) can be made at departmental level to recognise ‘one-off’, outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

Awards for Excellence Scheme  2020

The purpose of the Awards for Excellence Scheme is to recognise staff contributions to the work of the University and to reward exceptional individual contributions, (based on performance during the year January to December 2019).  All eligible staff should be reviewed as part of the department’s annual gathered field exercise.  Note that this is the only mechanism for awarding incremental progression for individuals who are at the top of the scale bar or in the discretionary pay range for the grade.

Line managers should conduct an initial review of all the staff they manage against the criteria for awards.   The scheme is designed to reward employees who:

  • have performed well in all the key areas of their jobs,
  • have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, significantly above that which might reasonably have been expected for their grade.

The scheme should not be used to reward the working of long hours; for those required to work above their grade; or for retention purposes.  Please discuss with Clare Wickings if any of these situations apply as there are other ways of addressing them.

Where someone has been re-graded to a higher grade within the performance year, the panel would expect any recommendation for Reward for Excellence to include clear evidence of a particularly exceptional performance over and above the assumption of additional duties that resulted in the re-grade (i.e. we must not reward the same evidence twice).

Individuals can also self-nominate, but must discuss with their line manager before they do so.

To submit a nomination, please complete the appropriate nomination form below and send it, with appropriate signatures, to Nicola Webb by Wednesday 12 February, either in hard copy or by email. Please read the further information on the scheme before submitting a nomination.

If you have any queries on any aspect of the scheme, please contact Nicola Webb or Clare Wickings.

Nominations will be considered by a department panel, comprising Richard McManus (Chair), Tanya Baldwin, Sara Shaw and Stavros Petrou. Line managers and individuals will be notified of the outcome in late March. Payments will be made with effect from 1 April 2020.

To be eligible for the scheme, individuals must have been in post for at least 6 months.  There are some exclusions to eligibility which are outlined in the online guidance:

Please note that we are restricted in the total costs of awards we can make (0.35% of the department’s total pay bill), so only a small proportion of staff (up to 10%) will receive awards. 

Recognition Scheme

The recognition scheme is to facilitate timely recognition of one-off contributions or examples of high performance by individuals or teams at any time in the year.  It came into effect on 1 October 2013, recognising performance from that date.  Nominations need to be made by managers using the form below.  Please pass completed forms to the Deputy HR Manager, Nicola Webb.  Decisions are made by the Head of Department, Richard Hobbs.  The recognition award will be £200 in all cases.


  1. Awards for Excellence Scheme Criteria
  2. NDPCHS Manager Nomination Form - Award for Excellence
  3. NDPCHS Self Nomination form: Award for Excellence
  4. NDPCHS Recognition Nomination Form

awards MADE


Grade 2: No nominations

Grade 3: No nominations

Grade 4: Male 0 Female 2

Grade 5: Male 1 Female 5

Grade 6: Male 0 Female 4

Grade 7: Male 1 Female 4

Grade 8: Male 1 Female 3

Grade 9: No nominations

Grade 10: No nominations

Other: Male 0 Female 1



Grade 2: No eligible staff

Grade 3: No nominations

Grade 4: Male 0 Female 2

Grade 5: Male 0 Female 1

Grade 6: Male 1 Female 2

Grade 7: Male 1 Female 4

Grade 8: Male 0 Female 4

Grade 9: Male 0 Female 1

Grade 10: no nominations



Grade 2: No eligible staff

Grade 3: No nominations 

Grade 4: No nominations

Grade 5: Male 0 Female 4

Grade 6: Male 0 Female 1

Grade 7: Male 0 Female 7

Grade 8: Male 1 Female: 3

Grade 9: Male 0 Female 1

Grade 10: no nominations




Grade 2: No eligible staff

Grade 3: No nominations 

Grade 4: Male 1 Female: 3

Grade 5: Male 0 Female 3

Grade 6: Male 1 Female 0

Grade 7: Male 1 Female 0

Grade 8: Male 1 Female: 0

Grade 9: no nominations

Grade 10: no nominations



Grade 2: No eligible staff

Grade 3: No nominations 

Grade 4: Male 0 Female 2

Grade 5: Male 0 Female 2

Grade 6: Male 0 Female 2

Grade 7: Male 2 Female 3

Grade 8: Male 0 Female 4

Grade 9: Male 0 Female 1 

Grade 10: no nominations