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The cost of training, and conference attendance should be considered when making grant applications. The Staff Department Fund is intended primarily to assist members of staff for whom a grant funding is limited or not available, and who are not able to tap into any other sources of funding. Senior members of staff will generally be expected to use their own grant funding.

The maximum grant for conference attendance will be £750 per academic year. For training courses, £200.

Eligibility for departmental support

Full-time staff - all members of the department on the university payroll are eligible.
Part-time staff - the department should be their principal employer.


In general, applicants for conference funding will be required to be presenting a poster or oral presentation. Applications to attend conferences when not presenting must be justified.
Applications for courses should check that similar training is not available in the University 

All applicants should have the agreement if their line manager who must certify that no other source of funding is available.

Please include the departmental name and logo on your poster or the title slide of your conference presentation.

Presenters may be asked to do a rehearsal session in the department before the conference.

Staff who have attended a training course may be asked to give a brief presentation about the course afterwards.


Applications can be made at any time by using the link to the Staff Development Fund application form (at the end of this page).

Conditional agreement for funding will be given if necessary, before abstract acceptance is confirmed.

How to apply

1. Please complete the Staff Development Fund application form, print and obtain your line manager's signature, then forward the form to Nicola Small for review by the Staff Development Committee.
2. You will be notified within two weeks whether the application is accepted.

If your application is approved

1. The conference fund cost centre number is BZ0000, source of funds S8079.
2. If you plan to make payment yourself you can claim approved costs via expenses.
3. If the department is to be invoiced directly for some or all of the costs a Purchase order is required before we can make payment of invoices. To request a purchase order send a copy of the approved application with full billing information to the Finance team ( Please allow up to 2 days for processing .
4. The Finance team will issue a Purchase Order to you which must be sent by you to the Supplier (e.g. conference organiser).

> Download the form