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If you need to print a large number of pages, or multiple copies, the UAS Reprographics Service can do this much cheaply than printing in the office. 


  • Visit
  • Scroll down the page to the letter 'R' and select one of the following printer: RPC_Follow_Me
  • This will automatically install the software to give you access to all printers in the building.

Printers are located in the following areas:

Ground Floor Open plan adjacent to Woodstock Road – Colour + B&W printer
First Floor

Open plan adjacent to Woodstock Road – Colour + B&W printer

Open plan adjacent to Humanities – B&W printer only

Second Floor

Open plan adjacent to Woodstock Road  – Colour + B&W printer

Open plan adjacent to Humanities – B&W printer only


Open plan adjacent to Humanities – B&W printer only


Before installing the printer, go to START => ALL PROGRAMMES then 'right click' on INTERNET EXPLORER and select 'Run as Administrator' before following the instructions above


Individual codes are no longer issued for the printers due to software that defaults to the network login used to print.  All machines are installed with card readers which link directly to your network login.  You will need to associate your card with your network login upon initial use (this can be done on any printer), and you will need your card to release any printing as well as accessing the scanning / copying functions.

If you work on multiple projects, please let me know as we are able to add this directly into the software for your network login. When working on multiple projects, the printer will ask you to select the relevant project to charge the job to. 


Windows 7 : Start > All Programs > installers > Install Papercut Client.

Windows 10 : Start > All Apps > Novell Zenworks App > Install Papercut Client.

This will download the installer, and then will ask you to install.. (just click next until its finished).

It will ask you to log in once you have finished (use your Novell credentials)


Your default settings should be set to black and white, please double check that this is the case.  – If you print a document with only text on it in colour, even though the document will look black and white, you will be charged at colour printing prices – 10 times the price of a black and white print.

To change the default setting to black and white:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Devices and Printers
  3. right click on the printer, Printing Preferences
  4. Make sure that Black & White is selected, if not, please change.
  5. Apply
  6. Ok

To Change the job type:

  1. Once logged into the network go to start
  2. Select Printers and devices
  3. Select RPC_Follow_Me
  4. Right click on device
  5. Select printing preferences
  6. Check that “job type” is set to “Normal Print”. The printer won’t work if set on “hold print” option.
  7. Default colour to Black and White to avoid unnecessary charges to your account


  1. Tap your card on the Ricoh Printer
  2. If you manage different charging codes, please select from the list the account that you wish the printing to be charged to
  3. Select “OK”
  4. Press Home button
  5. Select the Function (copier/ scanning) that you wish to use and follow the printer instructions.
  6. Remember to log out by tapping your card again on the card reader.


You can retrieve your printing from any printer.

Please note, that print jobs that are not released on the printer within 24 hours will time out and removed from the printer queue.