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The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee published its report today on clinical trials

Professor Carl Heneghan, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
Professor Carl Heneghan, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, evidence submission to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committte, and one of the founders of the Alltrials campaign is shaping the future debate on clinical trial transparency and reporting.

The Science and Technology Committee report describes the current lack of transparency of many clinical trials as “unacceptable”.

Many of the trials taking place today are unregistered and unpublished, meaning that the information that they generate remains invisible to both the scientific community and the public. This is unacceptable, undermining public trust, slowing the pace of medical advancement and potentially putting patients at risk. - Andrew Miller MP, Science and Technology Committee Chair

The report highlights a number of important issues, including changes to consent to facilitate data sharing, and recommend that trial registration and publication of summary-level results be made contractual requirements for all publicly-funded trials. The Committee also asked the Government to take steps to facilitate greater sharing of the raw data generated during a trial.

Read the full report
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