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Evidence-based healthcare programme and medical school tutors short-listed for making an outstanding contribution.

It’s that time of year again and the shortlist is now out for the Oxford University Students Union Teaching Awards 2016.

This year, three tutors from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences are among the 90+ from across the University to make the shortlist.

Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Andrew Papanikitas both teach as part of the Evidence Based Healthcare Programme, delivered by the department in partnership with the Department of Continuing Education. Professor Tim Lancaster, Director of Clinical Studies at the University of Oxford Medical School, was also short-listed.

Carl Heneghan, Director of the EBHC programme and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, has been shortlisted in the “most acclaimed lecturer” category.

Andrew Papanikitas, module coordinator for the ethics for bioscience module and lecturer on the history and philosophy of EBHC module on the EBHC programme also makes the list in two separate categories – "outstanding supervisor" and "outstanding tutor".

Tim Lancaster has responsibility for curriculum, assessment, quality management, faculty development and student affairs in the medical school. He is a member of the department's Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group team. Tim has also been shortlisted in the "most acclaimed tutor" category.

As well as carrying out teaching and research, each of the three departmental nominees are also part time general practitioners. 

The OUSU Teaching Awards provide students with direct opportunities to recognise excellence in teaching. Award winners are selected by a panel of students across six categories, with the winners used as examples to promote excellent teaching around Oxford.

Last year, Dr Daniel Lasserson was awarded OUSU’s award for Outstanding Supervisor in medical sciences. Dr Lasserson, who has recently moved over to the Nuffield Department of Medicine, was the department lead for NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow training.

Winners of this year’s awards are to be announced at a gala on 3rd May. Fingers crossed!


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