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The Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) Task Force is updating the CHEERS Statement and Report to address:

  1. developments in the methods of economic evaluation, such as the use of different types of economic models and new ways of measuring preferences,
  2. calls for increased transparency in the reporting of economic evaluations, including the pre-registration of studies,
  3. efforts within the EQUATOR network to conduct impact analyses of reporting standards, which have included an analysis of the use of CHEERS,
  4. arguments for an expanded scope for CHEERS, to include other types of financial analysis, such as budget impact assessments and optimization studies.

In addition, the revision of CHEERS will incorporate the views of a patient and public participation group. This Forum will discuss progress with the CHEERS revision, including results of a Delphi survey on the reporting items to be included and main changes from the original report.

During the Forum, participants will have the opportunity to comment on the interim recommendations and to comment of other issues, such as whether CHEERS would benefit from a series of user guides for the various users of published economic evaluations.