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Healthtalk preeclampsia



I intend that my interview will be available to researchers at the University of Oxford, and other universities under licence from Oxford, for use in teaching, broadcasting, research, the making of audio visual resources and other publications. I agree to all such uses including any translation of the material into other languages.

I also intend that my interview will be available to contribute to the collection of ‘health and illness experiences’ on the websites www.healthtalkorg and/or, which are run by the DIPEx charity. The websites will be freely available to the public and extracts from my interview may appear on other sites approved by the DIPEx charity.

I understand that for these purposes the material may be shared with and used by academics, broadcasters, developers of training courses, website developers, information providers and others. It will not be used for advertising or purely commercial purposes.

I understand that by agreeing that my interview and materials relating to it will be available on the internet, it will be accessible to internet users throughout the world including in countries that may have less extensive data protection laws than in the UK. I also understand that the research group may sometimes wish to collaborate with reputable partners in such countries and I consent to my interview and materials relating to it to be shared with and used by such partners.

I consent to my interview being available in the following format(s):

Tick all that apply:

  • Video recording of interview.
  • Audio recording of interview.
  • Written transcript of interview. 
  • I do not want my image and voice to appear on the site, but I give permission for an actor to perform my words on video / or for an animation to accompany my words.

To enable the full use of my interview, I assign my copyright in my contribution to the University of Oxford.  In return for my assignment my interview will only be used in the manner set out above.  If I decide that I no longer want my interview to be used on the website (or for any other purpose) it will be removed, although I accept that it may not be possible to remove all existing copies from circulation.

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