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High blood pressure (hypertension) is the second biggest risk factor for premature death and disability in England, and affects more than 1 in 4 adults.

Diseases caused by hypertension are estimated to cost the NHS over £2 billion every year, and account for 12 percent of all visits to GPs in England*.

Our group investigates better ways to monitor, diagnose and treat hypertension in primary care, and increasing patient involvement through new interventions such as self-monitoring and self-management.

A particular focus of our research centres around hypertension in pregnancy, which can carry risks for both the woman and the baby and remains one of the leading causes of maternal death in the UK.

Through our research we aim to develop an evidence base to change clinical guidelines, enabling GPs and other healthcare practitioners to deliver better care to those with hypertensive disorders. 

*Figures from Public Health England


Selected publications