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Highlights from our 2020 annual report:


We have continued to expand. We now have one Clinical Professor, two Associate Professors, four Senior Researchers, one Senior Research Manager, eight Postdoctoral Researchers, 17 DPhil students (three of which passed in 2020 with no corrections), two additional (Predoctoral) Researchers, five Academic Clinical Fellows, and six Academic-related and Support staff.

2.       RESEARCH.

Research income for new research studies in 2020 included £1.33M as principal investigators. We have just under £1M in ongoing research grants.


Trish Greenhalgh gained a Highly Cited Researcher Award and an Honorary Doctorate from University of Oslo. Gemma Hughes gained a Postdoctoral research fellowship (50% WTE) at the University of Oslo. Sara Paparini gained a Wellcome Trust Secondment Fellowship. Caitlin Pilbeam won a Mildred Blaxter Postdoctoral Fellowship in Social Sciences. Luke Allen won a Clinical Doctoral Fellowship at LSHTM.


We published 85 peer-reviewed academic articles. We attracted £112K in impact-related funding for industry attachments and policy engagement. We gave a number of high-profile keynote lectures, conference presentations and policy briefings. IRIHS senior staff sit on various policy groups e.g. Fahy is Special Adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee on Brexit; Greenhalgh advises World Health Organisation and NHS England. We played a prominent role in public understanding of science in the pandemic.

5.       TEACHING.

We commenced our new MSc Programme in Translational Health Sciences in October 2020 and we will soon be accepting students for the THS DPhil programme, which commences in October 2021. We contributed to various MSc courses at Oxford.


Of our 18 DPhil students, three passed with no corrections.  Five students passed their Transfer of Status.