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IRIHS, founded in 2015, is a mixed-method research unit led jointly by Professor Trish Greenhalgh and Associate Professor Sara Shaw. We undertake interdisciplinary research, teaching and applied scholarship in fields relating to clinical practice, organisation and delivery of health services, health policy, translational science (covering the social and behavioural science of innovation and adoption), digital health and the patient experience.

Group Leads

Featured publications from 2022:

Understanding what happens to attendees after an NHS Health Check: a realist review

Journal article

Duddy C. et al, (2022), BMJ Open, 12, e064237 - e064237

Using Linguistic Ethnography to Study Video Consultations: A Call to Action and Future Research Agenda

Journal article

Seuren LM. and Shaw SE., (2022), Qualitative Health Research

Social prescribing for older people and the role of the cultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic: What are link workers' views and experiences?

Journal article

Tierney S. et al, (2022), Health and Social Care in the Community, 30, e5305 - e5313

Safety implications of remote assessments for suspected COVID-19: Qualitative study in UK primary care

Journal article

Wieringa S. et al, (2022), BMJ Quality and Safety

Why do GPs rarely do video consultations? qualitative study in UK general practice

Journal article

Greenhalgh T. et al, (2022), British Journal of General Practice, 72, E351 - E360

How have remote and digital approaches impacted continuity? A mixed-studies systematic review

Journal article

LADDS E. et al, (2022), British Journal of General Practice

UK newspapers “on the warpath”: media analysis of remote consulting in 2021

Journal article

Mroz G. et al, (2022), British Journal of General Practice, BJGP.2022.0258 - BJGP.2022.0258