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Realistic Evaluation
Ray Pawson and Nick Tilley 1997
Sage, London

Evidence-Based Policy: A Realist Perspective
Ray Pawson 2006
Sage, London

The Science of Evaluation: A realist manifesto
Ray Pawson 2013
Sage, London

Storylines of research in diffusion of innovation: a meta-narrative approach to systematic review
Trisha Greenhalgh, Glenn Robert, Fraser Macfarlane, Paul Bate, Olympia Kyriakidou, Richard Peacock
Social Science & Medicine Volume 61, Issue 2, July 2005, Pages 417-430

Professor Ray Pawson introducing realist evaluation
Whilst realist evaluation is primary research, many of its underpining principles are shared with realist reviews. Thanks to Robin Vincent and Ray Pawson for these videos.

This video introduces the key elements of realist evaluation.

Looks at how the method makes use of evidence and the value of a multi-method approach.

Looks at how realist evaluation helps to address complexity in social programmes.

Looks at how evaluation can better contribute to cumulative learning and employ scientific methods.