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We are an interdisciplinary team specializing in the study of complex, technology supported change in the health care settings. Using a variety of methodologies our work spans 3 work packages:

WP1a: Remote assessment of the patient with acute Covid-19

This WP is exploring how clinicians assess (by phone or video) patients with suspected Covid-19, especially the assessment of breathlessness and other symptoms that might mean serious illness. It has recently been extended to include a study of the patient experience of long Covid-19. It includes a stream of work reviewing the literature on the accuracy and usability of remote technologies (e.g. oximeters, home BP monitors).

WP1b: Development and validation of the RECAP score

This WP is developing and validating an early warning score to help clinicians assess (by phone or video) patients with suspected Covid-19 and decide whether to escalate care (e.g. send to hospital).

WP2: Locality-based case studies of how remote-by-default is unfolding

This WP is exploring, differently in each case, how remote care (in the context of the pandemic) is unfolding in four contrasting localities: Greenwich, Oxford, Plymouth and Pontypridd. There is an action research component (i.e. helping primary care teams in their efforts to deliver remote care safely and meet patients’ needs and priorities). Based on early data, we have been looking in particular at four cross-cutting themes: management of clinical risk, resilience, professional standards, and health and digital inequalities.

WP3: National context (policy engagement, standards, guidance, infrastructure)

This WP aims to document and explore the national context, engage national and local policy makers, disseminate emerging findings to those seeking to implement remote-by-default technologies and systems, promote inter-organisational and inter-sectoral learning, and support the development of professional guidance. The plan includes structuring the work primarily around four workshops supported by Nuffield Trust, building towards scenario planning and policy guidance. Stakeholders in workshops include policymakers, clinicians, Royal Colleges, patient groups and industry.