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Research is underway in the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care (Oxford University) to investigate the attitudes that patients and their family/friends have towards prescription medication. The research aims to improve the patient experience by developing strategies that facilitate and improve the involvement of patients and their family/friends in medication-related decisions.

We are distributing a survey asking questions about people’s thoughts on prescription medication and their opinions on healthcare professionals (GPs, clinical pharmacists) stopping or reducing medication that they consider no longer necessary.

The survey has two sections: one for individuals taking prescription medication (age 65+ and based in England) and one for their chosen family member/friend/companion (age 18+). If you can only complete one section that is no problem at all – your response is still very valued!

Each section takes between 5-10 minutes and can be completed online, following the link:

All questions are optional, the survey is anonymous and no background knowledge or personal medical information is required. The survey will close on May 15th.

If you would like any further information, if you have any questions or if you would prefer to receive a physical paper copy of the survey, please contact Rebecca Garnett (Principal Researcher):

Thank you so much for taking part!