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Highlighting the importance of primary care and disease prevention to health systems, and raising the capacity of academic primary care to answer important questions that improve the care of the patients we serve – is what motivated me on my career path, and still does. So much of what we do is uncertain and we should strive for greater clarity through scientific enquiry and then consistent and rapid implementation of the best evidence that emerges.Professor Richard Hobbs

Fourth year special study module in primary care

In February, the Undergraduate Teaching Team launched their inaugural fourth year Special Study Module in Primary Care. Two students, Emily Swift and Adam Carter, share their experiences.

The student voice - Undergraduate experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic

When the Clinical School was forced to close its doors in March, medical students seized the opportunity to support Oxford’s effort to combat the pandemic. They volunteered in a huge variety of settings, from the university’s vaccine trial to local GP practices. Here’s what some of them have been up to…

Student feedback from the Patient & Doctor 1 2019-20 cohort

The Patient & Doctor I Course has received outstanding feedback from first-year and second-year medical students. In a pre-clinical curriculum driven by science, it is students’ only opportunity to meet patients and develop their curiosity for clinical medicine.

The student voice - Filming social determinants of health

Undergraduate clinical students Krupa Ravi and Yethrib Mohammed have pioneered a project to produce filmed material to improve teaching about social determinants of health. Here, they explain the importance of promoting patient perspectives.

The student voice - The impact of Covid on university life

This term, we hear from second-year student Bethan Storey (Queen’s College). Bethan discusses the impact of Covid on university life for pre-clinical students.