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Medical Education

I graduated from Christ Church in 1990 and then trained as a GP. Soon afterwards I began teaching medical students at Bristol Medical School.  Gradually over the last 20 years teaching has become a bigger part of my working life. I started by teaching students at my GP surgery then became a communications skills tutor. After a while I took on the running of the main course in primary care for undergraduate students. The lecture notes from this course formed the basis of a new textbook, Essential Primary Care that I wrote with colleagues. For 5 years I was Head of Teaching for Primary Care and also Director of Assessments for the Medical School. Two years ago I became Director of the MB Ch Programme, with responsibility for over 1000 medical students. I am still a GP partner in Bristol and enjoy seeing my patients many of whom I have known for a very long time. Every day at my GP surgery brings a variety of new challenges that test my knowledge of the whole breadth of medicine. At the University my greatest joy is seeing another 250 newly qualified doctors every year who I have got to know and teach. I hope that that some of them may be able to look after me and my family when I am older.