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The Moher Prize for Undergraduate General Practice - 2020/21

All Year 5 students are encouraged to submit a project to be considered for the annual General Practice prize. This University prize, worth £300, aims to encourage innovative thinking in Primary Care.

To be considered, students should submit a brief piece of work on a topic of their choice that is relevant to modern Primary Care. The judges will be looking for inspirational and original work (ideally projects might also lead to an improvement for patients and/or their practices). The aim is to develop knowledge or skills beyond the standard requirements of the Year 5 course.


Project Choice 

Almost any aspect of primary care can be chosen as the focus of your project. Contributions which concentrate on diversity or health inequality or sustainability in healthcare are particularly encouraged. 

  • A reflective piece, perhaps about a patient or patients you have seen
  • A proposal of how to change some aspect of working in a GP surgery
  • A suggestion to improve the teaching of undergraduate primary care
  • An audit (or Quality Improvement Project)*

*If you use the same audit as you undertook during your GP Placement you will need to demonstrate some additional learning or insights.

This list is not exhaustive, and for further advice contact: (Academic Lead for GP Teaching)



Projects should be brief and innovative. A range of formats can be used: 

  • Video clip (maximum length 5 minutes) or
  • Audio, such as podcast (maximum length 5 minutes) or
  • A written report (maximum length 1,500 words) 

As judges will be looking for brevity, there is no need for projects to use the maximum lengths given above. 



  • Projects can be submitted at any time.  However, the closing date is 2 weeks after the Exam Board meeting  that takes place following each summer’s ‘end of Year 5’ Integrated Summative Assessment’ exams (students will be informed of the exact date nearer the time, but as a guide this will usually be in July).
  • Projects should be submitted by email to the GP course administrator,


Judging of submissions

Projects will be judged by a panel (including a patient and members of the GP teaching team).  Marking will focus on original thinking, presentation, personal reflection and relevance to modern General Practice. To guide you, the detailed criteria used by the judges are given below. 


Detailed Judging Criteria

  • Students must have demonstrated satisfactory performance in all the course requirements for the Year 5 GP placement (ie all formative assessments, including Quality Improvement Project/Audit, as well as GP Tutor's report)
  • Students must have demonstrated a satisfactory standard in the ‘end of Year 5’ Integrated Summative Assessment exams (MCQ and OSCE) at the first sitting
  • If using video (or audio) of patient(s), appropriate consent should documented and included with submission 
  • Full marking criteria are given below:


Domain                                                                                  Scoring

0 1 2 3

Innovation &


No original idea or thought demonstrated Limited originality of content demonstrated Good evidence of an original idea as a basis for the assignment. Good evidence of independent thought and application. Excellent evidence of originality of concept. Excellent evidence of independent thought and application.
Presentation & Style Poor communication of ideas in a chosen medium appropriate for the task. Poor construction of the assignment, failing to conform to conventions of good practice

Limited evidence of communicating ideas clearly in a chosen medium appropriate for the task and inconsistencies of conforming to conventions of good practice. Limited evidence of original presentation style.

Good evidence of communicating the idea clearly in a chosen medium. Good evidence of assignment construction conforming to conventions of good practice.

Good original presentation style.

Excellent evidence of communicating idea in chosen medium. Excellent assignment construction. 

Excellent original presentation style.

Personal Reflection

& Critical Thinking

Insufficient evidence of critical thinking and / or reflection of ideas presented. Limited evidence of critical thinking and/or reflection of ideas presented. Good evidence of critical thinking and /or reflection of ideas presented.  Excellent evidence for arguments, which are consistent, connected and concise.  Excellent demonstration of critical thinking and / or reflective practice.

Relevance to

Modern General Practice

Insufficient evidence of constructed assignment being rooted in current general practice issues. Inadequate understanding of key contemporary issues of general practice Limited evidence of assignment being rooted in current general practice issues. Some evidence of understanding key contemporary issues of general practice. Good understanding with the assignment rooted in current general practice issues. Good demonstration of understanding contemporary issues and critically reflecting on these. Evidence of an excellent understanding of current general practice issues and the ability to critically reflect on these in the context of the student’s idea.