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Eligibility criteria

Students must comply with all the following:

  • Have completed their Year 5 GP attachment
  • Demonstrated satisfactory performance in all the required assessments of the GP attachment (OSCE, MCQ and GP Tutor’s Report) at first sitting

Project Topics

Possible projects include:

  • A reflective piece
  • An audit (or similar quality improvement project)
  • A personal proposal of how to change some aspect primary care

This list is not exhaustive, and a wide range of other topics will be considered.


Projects should be brief, and a range of formats can be used (and innovation is encouraged) as follows:

  • Video clip (maximum length 5 minutes) or
  • Audio, such as podcast (maximum length 5 minutes) or
  • A written report (maximum length 1,500 words) 

Judges will be looking for brevity, so there is no need for projects to use the maximum lengths given above.

Submission of Projects

  • Students can submit their project at any time during the year. The closing date for submissions is 2 weeks after the last Year 5 Exam Board of the year (which usually takes place at the end of June each year).
  • Projects should be submitted (usually by email) to the GP course administrator, Emma Wiley.