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Aleksandra (Ola) Borek


Qualitative Researcher in Behavioural Science

I am a researcher in health-related behaviour change, focusing on the design, evaluation and implementation of interventions to improve individual and public health. I use qualitative and mixed methods, and behaviour change theories and tools to better understand mechanisms of action and implementation of interventions.

My current research focuses on interventions to reduce antibiotic use in primary care; for example, ‘Improving the uptake and sustainability of effective interventions to promote prudent antibiotic use in primary care’ (STEP-UP) study, exploring the implementation of antimicrobial stewardship interventions (ENACT study), and looking at the role of locum GPs in antimicrobial stewardship.

I have a background in sociology and social research methods (BA, MA, University of York) and health psychology and behaviour change (PhD, University of Exeter Medical School). Prior to working on antibiotic prescribing, I investigated social / interpersonal change processes in group-based behaviour-change interventions to promote healthy lifestyle. 

My research interests include behaviour change, design and process evaluation of complex health interventions, health promotion, group dynamics and interpersonal change processes, and communication in health contexts.